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searching for an good and easy genealogy…

searching for an good and easy genealogy software, or atleast a site which is free and updated. this is actually for my own family and my mother’s family tree. and i need it now. lets see………..

finally, found one. its called gramps. but its not an easy or simple software. runs fine on kubuntu. its too complicated. but if u spend time with it, u will understand how flexible it is.


installation of centos 5.3 is complete u…

installation of centos 5.3 is complete under virtualbox v3.
installation of oracle 10g r2 ( is complete on centos 5.3 under virtualbox v3.

oracle 10g up n running successfully. need to write a init script for autostart oracledb at boot time.

enterprise manager can be accessed and working fine, but somehow i just cant access the isqlplus. need to look at the ports and services which r open n running.

too late, its 4.40 in the morning here. zzzzzzzzz…………….good.zzz…..night…zz…morning….

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