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installation of opensolaris 2009.6 on vi…

installation of opensolaris 2009.6 on virtualbox v3.0.6 completed. configuration given, was:

base mem: 768mb
cpu: 2 (with acpi,io-apic,vt-x enabled)
video mem: 128mb
3d acceleration: yes
remote display: enabled on port 3389
hdd capacity: 20.91gb
space taken by os: 3.4gb
network: bridged adapter
shared folder: has not configured yet
guest additions: not installed yet

install log:

everything running without any error. but on boot time getting a cpu error:

i didnot install the guest additions, cause that may be makes the resolution not works properly. will try later. currently its in 1024×768 mode with max of 1280×800 resolution and working perfectly.

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