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one and only, my very childhood friend (…

one and only, my very childhood friend (maro langgotia yarra) avijit has came from dubai on a long vacation. i was planning for a out as usual. so this time we went to the kolkata zoo to see how animals are doing besides getting bored and carbonated. jayanta also joined us on this useless journey. hope we will enjoy a bit.
after seeing the condition of the zoo, i really have to say “the animals and birds of the kolkata zoo doing a great great… favor to the people to staying in that nice rotten place day after day without protesting and killing each other or going crazy like me”. i tried to take some nice pictures. all i have published on my flickr account. we also had a plan to go to birla planetarium near victoria garden, but for my health prob we missed that way. yea, they were both so cool with this that they could have burn me immediately and serve to the tigers n hippos, happily.


we are the birds, we can fly

one thing i forget, which was the best part for me. yes, the lunch. we had a pretty spicy but not heavy meal there. i ordered chinese, cause thats the only choice available in that only restaurant inside the only zoo of kolkata. the price was like  our ass with a oiled bamboo. anyways, the quality was not bad. here is what i ordered:

main dish: 3 plate mix fried rice (with egg, chicken, pron and other vegs)
side dish: one chicken manchurian (boneless)
one chilly chicken (boneless)
one bottle of chilled n clean mineral water and thats all.

** if u wondering why i mention the ‘boneless’ thing, well, ‘withbone’ also was there, that’s because 😀


ps.: the health prob was due to this meal.

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